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Neopuntia® Cacti-Nea™ et Bio Serae

NeOpuntia, patented lipophilic fiber

Cactus et Nexira, our comitment to sustainable development

Diuretic & antioxidant properties

  Diuretic properties


Like many other plant extracts, prickly pear offers diuretic and detoxifying properties which facilitate the elimination of excess fluids from the organism. But contrary to standard diuretic substances though, this cactus fruit from which Cacti-Nea™ is made does not lead to excessive mineral loss.

Associated with a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and regular physical exercise, Cacti-Nea™ can help to refine the silhouette by eliminating toxins and excess water.

Several studies confirmed Cacti-Nea™'s diuretic properties, which makes it the perfect  ingredient for your weight management formula !

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Antioxidant properties

Natural antioxidant compounds are highly appreciated for their numerous health benefits. Our organism indeed needs to protect itself against the harmful effects of free radicals mainly generated  under oxidant stress conditions (UV exposure, pollution, ...). A balance diet is the best way to get the correct natural antioxidant supply, which can also be supplemented with relevant plant extracts.

Cacti-Nea™ has a high content in indicaxanthin, the highest bioavailable betalain pigment. This compound, easily absorbed by the organism, makes Cacti-Nea™ a powerful antioxidant. - as shown in different studies.

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