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Neopuntia® Cacti-Nea™ et Bio Serae

NeOpuntia, patented lipophilic fiber

Cactus et Nexira, our comitment to sustainable development


Armed with the success of NeOpuntia®, Nexira utilized its existing partnerships and in-depth knowledge about Opuntia ficus-indica to develop Cacti-Nea™, a cactus fruit water extract.

Prickly pears are particularly appreciated for their gentle, sweet flavour. Their colour can vary from yellow-orange to purple and is related to their content in Betalain pigments. Their nutritional properties had already been known in traditional medicine and were then confirmed by scientific studies.

In light of these benefits, Bio Serae R&D department  made further research and determined the best varieties and the optimum physiological stage to harvest the fruit - one of the criteria being the content in indicaxanthin, the most bioavailable betalain.

Once Cacti-Nea® was developed, Nexira conducted a set of scientific studies, which all confirmed the properties of the ingredient.

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