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Neopuntia® Cacti-Nea™ et Bio Serae

NeOpuntia, patented lipophilic fiber

Cacti-Nea, original cactus fruit ingredient

NeOpuntia lipophilic fiber Cacti-Nea unique weight management solution

An exclusive production

Nexira became interested in the nutritional potential of Opuntia ficus-indica and developed NeOpuntia® and Cacti-Nea™, consequently initiating an innovative business development in relation with Maghreb cactus.

The production and transformation of cactus enabled the creation of  numerous jobs, perpetuation of crops, and the protection of a fragile environment.

The long-term partnerships established by Nexira enable the company to benefit from a regular , high quality raw material source for its ingredients NeOpuntia® and Cacti-Nea™.

Industrially-speaking, the transfer of technology and the continuous support guaranteed by Nexira enabled the development of a new, highly capable factory for a tailor-made  production process.





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