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Neopuntia® Cacti-Nea™ et Bio Serae

Cacti-Nea, original cactus fruit ingredient

Cactus et Nexira, our comitment to sustainable development

Lipophilic properties

Interactions LipophilesBy lipophilic properties, we mean NeOpuntia®'s ability to attract and bind to fats when in their presence.

In more scientific terms, lipophilicity, or fat-liking, refers to the ability of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats, oils, lipids, and non-polar solvents. Lipophilic substances have a strong affinity with fats, which induces interactions between these lipophilic compounds and fats.

In vitro tests showed that the soluble and insoluble fibers contained in NeOpuntia® physically interacts with fats :

  • Step 1 : Hydrophobic interaction takes place between fats & insoluble fibers
  • Step 2 : Primary interactions are stabilized thanks to the soluble fibers (polysaccharides which create a fluid gel, stable at any pH).

NeOpuntia® can consequently be involved to reduce fat absorption into the body, with instant effect starting in the stomach.

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