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Neopuntia® Cacti-Nea™ et Bio Serae

NeOpuntia, patented lipophilic fiber

Cacti-Nea, original cactus fruit ingredient

NeOpuntia lipophilic fiber Cacti-Nea unique weight management solution

Co-branding : a key tool for sales development

Co-branding - NeOpuntia - CactineaNexira has always accompanied the development of its Premium ingredients with a strong marketing support and an extensive co-branding strategy. The company strives to build and increase brand awareness by the means of diversified marketing tools.

At Nexira, we know that Marketing is important to ensure successful product launch. This is why we make a point of providing a strong marketing support at every stage of your product development and we encourage our partners to take advantage of the diversified marketing tools we keep at their disposal.

As a result, NeOpuntia® and CactiNea™ are now renowned brands in the nutraceuticals industry worldwide, which are regularly  featured on end-product packagings - guaranteeing a safe, high-quality product for consumers.


NeOpuntia - Bioextra           CactiNea - Cacti-Minceur                NeOpuntia - Cactus Diet

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