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May 02, 2011

2nd clinical study on Cacti-Nea

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2nd clinical study
Significant results on diuretic effect

This second clinical study conducted on women with water retention troubles showed very positive results. Cacti-Nea™ indeed helps to significantly:

  • increase diuresis by 27% on women with BMI<25
  • decrease the sensation of swollen feet, ankles & calves
  • decrease the sensation of heavy legs

The study showed no side effect and confirms the benefits of Cacti-Nea™, a natural innovative prickly pear extract developed by Bio Serae and certified Organic (Ecocert F32600).

87% of women convinced by Cacti-Nea

Interested in Cacti-Nea™?
Feel free to contact our sales team:
Tel.: +33 2 32 83 26 60

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