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Le 07 novembre 2011

Bio Serae devient Nexira

On November 7th 2011, the companies of Iranex Group - CNI (Colloïdes Naturels International), Bio Serae Laboratoires and Nutriprocess - are to officially become Nexira.

The family-run group, founded in 1895 is the world leader in acacia gum (also known as gum Arabic) and a premier supplier of natural nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition and health care industries.

Today, Nexira's three divisions - Food, Health and Technology - offer global expertise from raw materials sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to technical formulation support. This corporate rebranding and reorganization signifies a new era of growth and development with high expectations for global success and expansion.

The Nexira portfolio has constantly grown and diversified from its core product, acacia gum, for which the group is world leader. Nexira now offers a host of natural ingredients and extracts including emulsifiers, texturizing agents and actives for weight management, antioxidants, joint comfort and stress relief.


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